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1. Reservations. To reserve a yard card installation please complete the booking form on the website or call our office at 866-9 PARTY 7 (972-7897).  We request reservations be made as far in advance as possible; preferably at least two weeks prior to the requested date of celebration.  

2. Short Notice. Reservations made less than 5 days from the event date will incur a rush fee of $30; $50 for notice of 24 hours or less.

3. Availability.  Installations are booked on a first come, first served basis.  (Yard Cards by) Star Party will make every effort to accommodate your party date; however, if your date is not available, we will assist you with an alternative date or refer you to one of our yard card buddies. Also, desired colors, graphics and theme décor are subject to availability; however, we guarantee your display will be stunning.

4. Confirmation.  Once a reservation has been made an invoice will be sent. Full payment is required to hold your date. ​All sales are final.

5. Payments.  We accept credit card payments (which incur a 4% processing fee). We also accept payments via Zelle, CashApp, and Venmo.

6. Client’s Responsibility. The yard card display is a rental, we install and return to collect them up to 24 hours from delivery time. The displays are meant to be installed in lawn that is watered on a regular basis. The client is to notify (Yard Cards by) Star Party if they would like installation is to take place in the sand, on hard dirt or cement to allow us enough time to arrange an alternative installation solution (there may be an additional cost associated with this). 

A) Client is responsible for approval from any HOA, management or similar boards to inquire if yard cards can be displayed.

B) Client is also responsible for making sure (Yard Cards by) Star Party is granted access if residence is in a gated or guarded community.

C) Client is to ensure the safety of everyone, especially children, by not allowing anyone to play on or around the display. Yard cards CANNOT safely support the weight of a child or adult leaning, sitting, standing, or playing on it.  Please discourage anyone from playing on or around the display.

D) Client is to ensure yard card display is not damaged by flying debris from lawnmowers, string trimmers, bicycles, dogs, etc.

E) Client is aware attaching balloons to the yard card display is strictly prohibited as they may cause damage to the display items.

F) Client is to arrange lawn maintenance crew to come either the day before installation or any date after the display has been removed. Preferable after removal of display as grass clippings stain. ​

7. Liability for Damage. The yard card displays are rentals and are the property of Star Party/Hogan Events Group and the client is financially liable for any loss or damage. We appreciate your consideration by ensuring that our property is treated gently and carefully.

Once the yard card display is installed please do not move, remove, or rearrange. Please do not pull the signs from the ground as they may cause damage or injury.

If client would like us to return to adjust or rearrange the display we will be happy to do so if our schedule permits. There is a $50 Move/Rearrange Fee; payment due upon request. For DIY Kits the client is responsible for installation and removal of the display.

We suggest reminding the honoree and anyone else living at or visiting to not harm, vandalize or throw away the display. If display items are missing or damaged, payment for damage or replacement will be invoiced, and is due upon receipt. Charges are as follows: $5 per stake; $25 per individual letter and graphic and $60 per sign. We photograph each display we install (or drop off in the case of DIY Kits) to document inventory used. For reference, the average replacement cost of a simple setup is $875; $1,320 for a standard setup and $575 for DIY Kits.

Once we return to collect the display, if we discover the display is lost/stolen, trashed, or damaged and invoice will be sent immediately. Payment is due at the time invoiced.

8. Photography/Video.   We love if our clients and/or honoree take photos with the display. For safety reasons we encourage posing next to or behind the display to take photographs. Feel free to share it on your social media and tag us @starpartyla. 

Client acknowledges that photographs and video (if applicable) taken may be used by (Yard Cards by) Star Party on its website and social media outlets. We make every effort to not use the direct likeness of client, client’s guests, or family members without prior written permission; however, reposting from client’s social media is expressed permission.

9. Cancellation/Rescheduling. No refund on orders cancelled after payment is received; however we'll be happy to reschedule your installation within a 12-month period, based upon availability. Should you have to reschedule for any reason please notify us as soon as possible.

10. All Sales Are Final. Please be sure you want a yard card display installed prior to booking our services. No refunds will be given once payment is received, including the following circumstances:

A) Custom displays commissioned for your installation.

B) If the address given by the client is incorrect and several contact attempts go unanswered. There is a $50 move fee due immediately upon request.

C) If the homeowner requests us to remove the lawn display after installation.

D) If our installation team is denied access to a gated community, after contact attempts go unanswered.

E) If any animal/pet prevents our team from setting up the display.

F) If any circumstance beyond our control prevents us from setting up the display, including homeowner’s associations or security guards.

11. Inclement Weather. If severe weather conditions prohibits our team from installing the yard cards, we will be happy to reschedule the installation.  Inclement weather includes heavy rain, mudslides, lightning/thunderstorms, hurricanes, high winds, earthquakes, and any other Act of God that would put our team, our inventory, or your lawn at risk.

12. Tax. CA State Tax is required on all purchased, personalized and custom orders.

13. Delivery/Installation/Retrieval. Rentals are up to 24 hours. Rental fee includes delivery, installation, and retrieval. Deliveries within 15 miles of our LAX location is included at no charge; however a travel fee applies to installs located beyond 15 miles from our LAX location, this includes DIY Kits as well. Please note: $30 Delivery Fee for installations 16-20 miles | $40 Delivery Fee for installations 21-25 miles | $50 Delivery Fee for installations 26-30 miles. We will refer you to a yard card buddy in your area for any location beyond 30 miles.

Installation occur between 6:00AM - 8:00AM the morning of OR 8:00PM - 9:00PM the evening before the celebration and pick-ups are 24 hours after installation. Please do not remove the display our team will take care of that. You are free to request special installation and/or pickup time if availability works within our schedule (additional fees may apply, please inquire prior to booking).

DIY Kits are pre-staked, bagged and dropped off on your porch the evening before the celebration. The client installs the display. After the celebration the client bags everything back up and place the bag back on the porch for retrieval. Pick ups are 24 hours after time of delivery.

Yard cards displays are installed at residential and most commercial addresses; due to public safety and/or permit requirements, we may not be able to install at a beach or park (exceptions can be made, must have permission from the governing body prior to booking). 

14. Acknowledgement. We access and carefully install the yard cards. By agreeing to have Star Party participate in your event, you agree that (Yard Cards by) Star Party, Hogan Events Group, LLC and all representatives are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage that may be caused to any person or personal property during the time of rental.  By placing an order you agree to terms and conditions stated above. 


Yard Card Rental Policies

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